As we are one of Saurer’s Agent that distributing their products, we wanted to inform to our customers that Saurer has changing their name. And within this article, we wanted to inform our customers to avoid any problems in the future.

Here’s an information from them ;


Dear Agent,

We informed you back in December 2017 about the realignment of the Saurer Group and the division into two segments (Saurer Spinning Solutions and Saurer Technologies). Today we would like to update you about the subsequent changes which have taken place in Saurer Germany GmbH & Co KG and which became valid with the entry in the commercial register of 16.07.2018:

  • Saurer Germany GmbH & Co. KG company name has been changed into Saurer Spinning Solutions GmbH & Co. KG,
  • The place of business has been relocated from Remscheid to Übach-Palenberg,
  • At the same time, the subsidiaries under the Schlafhorst subsidiary of Saurer Germany GmbH & Co. KG at the Übach-Palenberg and Ebersbach locations have been deleted whilst maintaining the locations.

With this rebranding we have now completed the final step on the road to a new Saurer Organisation with the two segments.

For you as our valued agent and business associate, nothing will change. The locations you are familiar with in Germany – Übach-Palenberg, Ebersbach and Fellbach – will remain the same. The VAT no. will also remain unchanged.

All contracts concluded with the subsidiaries will remain valid with Saurer Spinning Solutions GmbH & Co. KG.

As always, our sales team is at your disposal to support you and give you their full attention fur our mutual success. The phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your direct contacts, that you have on record, will stay the same enabling you to get in touch with us at any time.

As Saurer’s information above, we also attached a document that Saurer’s create to validate this info.

Umfirmierung EN 2018 07 16 Sales Final_x


And if you find something that wanted to ask about Saurer’s parts, you can contact us immediately via email our direct to our office phones.

Thank you.